To play - Create a Character!

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To play - Create a Character!

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To Play
All you need is the attraction and imagination! There is a wide variety of characters you can select from. Here are basic suggestions to help you getting started. If you have any other idea, don’t hesitate to submit it.

Keep in mind that it's ALL RP here : your actual sexual orientation and preferences are not questioned; it means that anyone joining as a slave doesn't automatically makes them perceived as one in real life.

Free people (all male in character. Gender-bending for their typist is allowed)
Local crofters, peasants, foresters or travelers, who can be merchants or artisans (jewelers, bakers, apothecary, etc.), outlaws, travelers, merchants, minstrels, pilgrims, people of the cloth, officials (sheriff, provost, etc.), guards, knights, nobles; residents of the tiny hamlet that develops around Redstone Hill’s tower’s outer gates or within the keep itself, for instance a cook or a healer (see Wanted Characters). The two latter examples can also b taken by a female character.

Deprived of any personal belongings, they receive an iron collar engraved with the word {slave}. Male slaves are submitted to harsh physical labor and the females, to domestic chores and work and service to guests, as well as to a strict training which is provided either by the trainer in charge, by Lord Redstone himself or by any other competent authority. They are provided with basic needs in terms of food and general care. Each slave is given one non-dyed, whitish homespun cloth tunic, linen undergarment and a pair of tree-bark sandals. If they are require to go out in he cold, they are expected to share among themselves a few woolen cloaks, laced britches and pairs of old leather shoes. They may be subjected to harsh treatment, torture, humiliation, hard or boring work and, if so wished by superiors, sexual abuse.
If you are interested in playing a slave character, please keep in mind that SM-oriented subbie behavior, or begging to be treated as such, doesn’t fit with the medieval context of this channel. A captive is normally terrified and/or unwilling. Note that extreme, brattiness or other such totally irrational behavior doesn’t necessarily lead your character to enslavement or torture; at best, it can very well put her in situations that might upset you; at worst, it can get her killed… even if we do allow ourselves some creative license in making our characters heal faster and better from certain harsh punishments.

After 3 months of at least once-a-week quality participation to the RP, the slave has proven her devotion to Lord Redstone and Barbaric-Castle; as such, she is rewarded with a promotion in the form of a {BC} lighter collar and a translucent red silk tunic, which officially puts her under the protection of the Lord’s household and grants her a slight improvement of living conditions. They are also branded, more exactly primitively tattooed, on their thigh with a reddish letter “thorn”, which stands for “thrall”, the Norse word for slaves and Lord Redstone’s emblem.

No personal slaves are allowed: since this channel is all RP, users who are owned elsewhere, in RL or not, must adapt their nick to the character they are playing with us: it’s frustrating for everyone to have a personal slave RP and drop off from the story as soon as their owner shows up online.

Praetorian Guards
They are a feared elite personal guard recruited by Lord Redstone among the best outlaw knights, mercenaries, men at arms or even skilled commoners. They are highly qualified and completely loyal to Lord Redstone; their competence is better rewarded than that of hired swords or free knights. To become a Praetorian, they must get through an initiation in which they are tested for the three qualities that are the most expected of them: physical strength and endurance, loyalty and insensitivity. If they are successful, they are officially welcome in the ranks: after taking oath, they are honored with the feared, all-black Praetorian Guard uniform which consists of a tabard and a black cloak to put over their own armor, if they own one; otherwise, they are adequately equipped. They are also required to paint their shield black, with a red thorn letter on it. A feast is then given in their honor, and games are played.

From the clan of Tusk the Barbarian

Finally, of course, traveling guests and visitors. Female guests who stay more than one night or visit regularly will be enslaved.

Note that everyone is expected to plead fealty to Lord Redstone, ith the very rare exception of a few specific metaplots that will develop over time and be previously agreed upon by Lord Redstone’s typist.

Welcome to submit your own ideas!

Create Your Character!
Basic template
Please note that the following is only a guide to help you through the creation of your character. It isn’t mandatory:
History: What is this character’s past? Where did they come from?
What leads them to Thornbury or Redstone Hill?
Family & other relationships:
Likes & dislikes:
Strengths & weaknesses:
Secrets (they don’t necessarily need to be told, only to be known by their typist):


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