The Arrival of Barbaric Castle's First Slave: lisbet{slave}

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The Arrival of Barbaric Castle's First Slave: lisbet{slave}

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Lisbet had fled her father's keep and due to the darkness of the night she had not been seen...or had she. Exhausted, she had hidden herself under a small outcropping of rocks and caught at least an hour of sleep. It was when she awoke that she knew only a miracle would save her from her father's ruthless men.

LR Narrator> Miracles do happen. Alas, there are also times when evil traps take the guise of miracles. It started by the impression that her father’s hounds had been called back: as the landscape became more forested, she could have sworn that their barking was going fainter, until it was swallowed by the wind. For some unknown reason, her pursuers had given up: she was alone in the wilderness. Or so it seemed.
A little further up on the mountain, where even the forest has surrendered to apparently soft grass and rocks, a small troupe of riders on horseback was heading sideways down the slope in her direction, even if she was yet unnoticed. There were 4 of them, all clad in night black save for the second rider, who seemed to wear the colors of a monk.

Lisbet stared at the at the riders, knowing she should run, hide, or....or...but the sight of the austere black riders mezmerized her and rooted her to an obvious spot in the path...obvious to the men coming closer and closer. She was saved...aye, she was saved! No one could be more cruel and unfeeling than the drunken man that unfortunately was her father.

LR Narrator> It didn’t take her long to regret her decision: quietly, three of the riders – those in black circled her and stopped their mounts, a smirk on their faces. The fourth figure stopped his horse a little further away and watched as one of the men said, "Well, well, well... what have we got here? A willing ripe little berry for us to pluck..."

Lisbet> Nay! I need help and I beg ye to take pity on me.

Lisbet> I cannot return to my father's keep, so if ye please I shall do any work required in your keep.

One of the men chuckled. « Obviously, the little berry has no clue who’s she’s talking to." They all turned their heads toward the figure dressed in earthen-colored clothing, as if his opinion mattered, even if he looked poorer than they. "Approach", said a deep, oddly accented voice.

Lisbet takes a step or two backwards and continues to stare at the men in black and the strange on in beggar's clothing.

Lisbet> Ye will not send me back to my father will ye?
She is so exhausted and a stray tear runs down her pale cheek in a haphazard pattern. She quickly wipes it away for she is determined to be brave...or at least try.

Lisbet> Don't ye dare touch me!

Lisbet tries to pull away as the tallest man takes her arm in an vice-like grip. Her face now shows the fear and all semblence of bravery seems to fall away. She is half-pushed, half-dragged towards the fourth man. Just before she is thrust before him onto her knees she pulls away, runs to him, and grabs ahold of his cloak. 14I beg of ye mercy m'lord if ye have any shred of compassion.

Lord_Redstone clumsily dismounts, making his mount give a nervous start. He pushes his hood down, revealing a tanned, harsh face adorned with black stubble, framed by a mane of wild black hair that suddenly make him look quite menacing when, hooded seconds before, his presence among the group was so easily dismissed as minor. One of the men commanded, ‘Kneel before your Lord, girl, and await his decision.’

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Lisbet drops to her knees before him, her slight body trembling as she feels those dark, ominous eyes upon her.

Lisbet> m'Lord? I beg ye to have mercy upon me...

Lazurus enters the great hall the blackbladed sword,"Bringer of the Night" clanks lightly at his side

Hawkfurth nods at the newcomer and points to a seat

Lazurus takes a seat

Lisbet will do anything, even grovel, to have this man's protection from her father. Little did she know that groveling would be the least of her concerns

Lazurus watches the girl's obvious distress

Lord_Redstone reaches down to lift her chin with his toned, oddly well-tended fingertips. Their eyes meet for the slightest instant and she feels swallowed by absolute darkness. Before she even has time to realize this omen that comes too late, he releases her and commands to Lazurus:

Lord_Redstone> Mercy. Very well. I take her. Bring her along.

Lord_Redstone then straddles his mount and precedes the troplet back to the looming tower.

Lazurus is a hired mercenary, but there is somewhere in him a streak of honest compassion in him that came from his mother, a street whore on the Island of Innisfree, at least that is what he had believed until her death when she hinted at something different

Lazurus takes the girl by the wrist hauling her along

Lazurus> looking down at her as she struggles to keep up

Lisbet feels a mix of dread and hope as she follows the apparent lord with his men. A keep made of brownish-red stone looms up before him. The man commanded to bring her along could walk slower or not hold her so painfully. She would walk willingly if given the chance.

Lisbet> (whisper) I truly willna run away and I can walk well enough on my own, sir.

Lazurus is stone quiet, but then whispers

Lord_Redstone 's escort close in behind them as they continue their ascension, cross the gates and drawbridge toward the actual tower.

Lazurus> If I do not bring you roughly , Redstone will take it out on you. so shut your mouth unless it is to screech like I am hurting you

Lord_Redstone has noted the arrival of the mercenary n he had been told about, and seemed to have implicitely approved his presence by giving him the task of escrting the girl. The group leave their horses to a stable hand and proceed into the impressive entrance hall of the tower.

Lisbet decides to keep quiet and do as the men command.

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Lisbet awakened and looked around the room, but she was totally alone. What had happened to the other lass brought in with her on the previous evening, and why was not a meal brought to her room. Contemplating her situation she determines that she must leave this at the latest!

LR Narrator> The dormitory was empty, save for the looming presence of a central post with chains and shackles hanging from it. The device only further enhanced how precarious your situation felt. The dorm door was standing ajar, revealing only a slip of the living hall which seemed deserted and quiet.

Lisbet crawls out from under the toasty furs and shivers. Where are her clothes...or any clothes for that matter? She would simply stay in bed no matter how much her stomach is growling. She refused to be seen naked again!

LR Narrator> Some shuffling was suddenly heard, accompanied by the hobbling footsteps of the elderly man who had «welcomed» them last night. Alfred pushed the door a little more and stood there, without a hint of a lurid glint in his tired eyes. «Ah, lass, you’re finally awake. Come along now, your Lord wishes to see you.»

Lisbet covers herself back up and flops back on the cot...but not before she s

Lisbet> But sir...please, I truly need something to wear before I get out of my bed.

Lisbet clings onto the fur, fright evident in her green eyes/

Alfred smiled indulgently. «Your Lord wishes to see you as you are for now. He shall see to get you dressed momentarily.»

Lisbet> Must I? I am a verra nice lass and nay a whore. One like I am do not go before a lord naked.

Lisbet> (Whisper) Please?

Alfred> It isn’t my place to argue about our Lord’s commands. Is isn’t yours either.» He beckoned her over. «Be quick now, it would be unwise to keep him waiting any further.»

Lisbet nods and slips out of the bed, wrapping the fur around her naked body. The floor is cold as well as the temperature in the room since the brazier had lost its hot coals and only ashes remained.

Alfred doesn’t object to the fur and precedes you out of the dorm into the hall which is much warmer. Something is simmering in a pot at the hearth. Alfred beckons you to face a throne-like seat perched on top of three steps, under a curtained dais. It is for now unoccupied, and no Lord is visible anywhere. Alfred hastily explains: «Now kneel right here and keep your eyes down at all times. Do not address the Lord unless he invites you to.» He positions you by pulling you by your arm about six feet away from the dais’ lower step.

Lisbet is too frightened by now to do anything but kneel. Who is this man... this Lord_Redstone? Her father was cruel and wanted her to wed an ancient man, but this was not even something she could have imagined.

LR Narrator> Whoever he is, that man who «shouldn’t be kept waiting» is, for endless minutes, nowhere to be seen and keeps HER waiting on the cold floor. Until… suddenly, the drapes behind the dais move and the tanned-skinned man appears, looking ore intimidating in his simple black attire that is making him look dangerously lean and predatory, than he would in full armor. After having spared Alfred an interrogative glance, probably because of the fur, he lowers himself in the throne and stares at he girl for a long moment without speaking.

Lisbet only knew Lord_Redstone was before her by the sounds. Normally she would have curtsied and greeted a lord, but the servant told her to never look at the lord directly and to stay kneeling

Lord_Redstone 's voice is calm and deep, naturally commanding:

Lord_Redstone> Take that fur off.

Lisbet is conflicted...and terrified. To allow herself to be naked in front of a man would put her in the category of a brazen woman, a whore, but to disobey an order, especially after she had been told to obey, might cost her everything.

Lord_Redstone> Don't me go and help you. Some of your own skin ight come off as well.

Lisbet is shaking as she slowly lets the fur fall down in a puddle on the floor.

Lord_Redstone stares intently, taking in every detail of her humbled, milky figure. Ah yes, it is the way females ought to be. He stands, approaches her, and starts slowly walking around her, sparing no angle of her beautiful young body.

Lisbet> (softly) What do ye want of me m'Lord?

Lord_Redstone stops in front of her and stares down.

Lord_Redstone> Did I give you permission to address me?

Lisbet shakes her head.

Lord_Redstone reaches down to left her chin, forcing her to meet his dark, soul-less eyes.

Lord_Redstone> I trust that you will avoid committing this mistake again. It would be a pity to bruise such a lovely face.

Lisbet tries to lower her eyes, but she cannot with him looking at her that way. It was almost hypnotizing, yet dark and evil. She nods almost inperceptedly

Lord_Redstone releases her chin and straightens, towering over her.

Lord_Redstone> Who are you?

Lisbet> (softly) Lisbet MacDonal m'Lord.

Lord_Redstone> Ah, the MacDonals. A major clan, if I recall?

Lisbet> (softly) My father thinks so...

[22:27] <Lisbet> (softly) Will ye send me back to him m'Lord?

Lord_Redstone> Right, they all think they're important. But they aren't really, are they? No, I will not send you back. They don't matter to you any longer.

Lisbet doesn't know what is better...a known evil or an unknown one.

Lisbet nods and sighs softly. The choice was made and nobody could treat her as badly as her father... or maybe they could!

Lord_Redstone> I want you as my slave.

Lisbet> What? Nay m'Lord. I am a lady...

Lord_Redstone moves promptly and quietly, without prior warning: his hand connects hard with her cheek.

Lisbet gives a cry of surprise and her hand goes to her cheek. She could taste a metallic hint of blood in her mouth. Why hadn't she run the other direction when she escaped her home.

Lord_Redstone> I acknowledge no lady. All females are meant to serve.

Lisbet wants to run, or hit him back, or yell at him and say he's wrong...but, she stays silent

Lord_Redstone seems to eerily be able to read her mind - actually, only interpreting correctly her non-verbal attitude.

Lord_Redstone> Good girl. Tell me, what were you doing on my lands, so far away fro your father's estate?

Lisbet chooses her words carefully... (softly) I was running from my father's keep...he was...cruel. I hoped I had escaped his men and would make it to my aunt's home.

Lisbet> (softly) When I saw your men I thought I was saved, but...I see now I was not.

Lord_Redstone> Then you are as blind as the other slave my men have brought me. You are saved, for you could not have chosen a better place to flee. They will never come for you here.

Lord_Redstone smirks

Lisbet hangs her head for aye, her fate seems to be sealed.

Lisbet is shaking violently now as much from the frigid temperature of the floor on which she is kneeling as her fear and feelings of desolation.

Lord_Redstone> Then it is settled. Follow me.

Hawkfurth had been leaning against one of the far walls, but as he watches and listens he moves closer to Lord_Redstone

Lord_Redstone stops and turns around to look at Hawkfurth

Lord_Redstone> Yes?

Lisbet rises, wondering if she dares take the fur with her, but decides that would not be wise. She follows Lord_Redstone and the feelings that she might be going to her death follow her.

Hawkfurth> Do ye have need o' my assistance m'Lord?

Lord_Redstone> You can come.

Hawkfurth smirks. The lass was fair t'his eyes though he kens he willna be allowed to have her

Lord_Redstone glances at Lisbet and goes downstairs, t the entrance hall and toward the little room where all manner of jailor-related items are store. Among them are opened collars

Lisbet followed in silence until they enter the small room and she sees all the implements of...of torture and even death. She sucks in her breath, a mew escaping her lips.

Lisbet> (softly) Please dinnae hurt me m'Lord...I beg of ye. I will submit if ye have mercy on me.

Hawkfurth> Shut yer mouth! Ye think the lord gives oot mercy?

Lisbet cannot not help the tears that suddenly spill over her eyes and down her alasbaster cheeks.

Lord_Redstone collects an open collar on a hook. It is made of iron and is engraved with the word {slave}. He also collects a pin and a hammer and turns back to them. He says to Lisbet:

Lord_Redstone> And I thought I was being merciful. (Nodding his chin to sturdy work bench between them). Approach.

Lisbet suddenly feels nauseous. She has no choice but to do as Lord_Redstone commands and moves to where he points.

Hawkfurth> She ain't as daft as she were before I see.

Lord_Redstone now sees that she's stuck between him and the table. She hasn't been so close to him yet.

Lord_Redstone> Hopefully, this onw won't be a waste of my time.

Hawkfurth chuckles and nods... 1Like the one a sennight ago, eh?

Lord_Redstone is behind her. In a ock embrace, he places his arms over her shoulders to place the cold, heavy, open collar around her slender neck.

Lord_Redstone> Precisely.

Lisbet Narrator> It was at that precise moment that Lisbet felt her old life cut off and her status as a slave begin. Women were simply chattel, something to use to barter, wed off, and e'en sell. Perhaps her father would have sold her to this man eventually if she had been caught by his men.

Lisbet is now known as lisbet{slave}

Lord_Redstone roughly forces her to lean over abjectly and makes her cross her arms to press her forehead against.

Lord_Redstone> Stay still.

lisbet{slave} wonders how she can stay still when she's trembling to hard. Men simply order and expect a lass to obey, even though it may be impossible.

Lord_Redstone presses the pin into the hole of the collar's meeting ends and starts hammering it in place. It's dangerous work, for if she moves ever so slightly, the stroke of the hammer may injure her badly. It's also overwhelingly deafening and is sending painful vibrations through her whole head and body.

lisbet{slave} narrator> It takes every ounce of her will-power to stay still in this humiliating and painful position, but she truly didn't want to die.

Lord_Redstone finally drops the hammer right next to her head and inserts his finger in her collar to pull her upright and face him.

Lord_Redstone> Hawkfurth, give her a linen tunic so she'll be warmer and see that she is fed.

Lord_Redstone looks to her and... perhaps, a hint of a smile appears on his harsh features.

Hawkfurth watches, then nods at the lord's instructions. He would love to warm her up himself, but he also values his life.

Lord_Redstone> I will see you again soon and expect your gratefulness.

lisbet{slave} gags as she is pulled up by collar and is set upright, her stomach in knots and food the last thing she desires at the moment. She nods mutely at Lord_Redstone, then follows Hawkfurth out to be clothed and fed. Perhaps she will be allowed to huddle under the furs once again and sleep.

Hawkfurth> Come along wench. Ye best hurry if ye want a tunic t'wear.

Lord_Redstone with a good deed done, retires in his quarters.

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lisbet{slave} has gotten back on her knees before Lord_Redstone.

Lord_Redstone turns his head and looks down to her... his very first slave. With ease, the crop is lowered to tap her cheek as gently as his hand had been.

Hawkfurth ties the woman's hands at her back, then to the post. If sleep...tomorrow she will be a lady no more. Hawkfurth heads back down to the hall, a self-satisfied grin on his swarthy face.

lisbet{slave}> m'Lord? Ye have need of something?

Lord_Redstone> Tonight is a special night. It calls for celebration. Tell Alfred to get us a jug of wine in the cellar.

Lord_Redstone> Hawkfurth, old friend, well done.

Hawkfurth nods and puffs his chest out a bit. 'Tis na often he hears a compliment from his lord.

Hawkfurth> Go wench! He asked ye t'get some wine!

lisbet{slave} nods and scurries off to where she last saw Alfred. It may take awhile, but soon she completes the tasks and soon returns with Alfred and the wine.

Lord_Redstone> Come over and have a seat, Hawkfurth. You as well, old man. The slave will serve us.

Lord_Redstone takes a seat at the table - the best one of coursem and it won't take long before he gets half baked by the fire's warmth.

Lord_Redstone> I have reasons to believe that this savage land will agree with me. What do you think?

lisbet{slave} had been served many times before, but serve? Nay, though she was certain she learn quite rapidly. She lifts the jug and pours the cups almost full of the red...blood red wine, the serves it to the men.

Hawkfurth> Aye, and yer slaves are increasin' rapidly

Lord_Redstone> Three of them soon. I am a most fortunate man.

lisbet{slave}> 6In earlier times she would be served with the men and allowed to join in the conversation Now she was the topic of some of the conversation and that made her verra uncomfortable.

Lord_Redstone 's right hand claims the goblet and his other arm reaches out to give lisbet{slave} a manly squeeze at the waist.

Lord_Redstone> This one is by far the most promising one.

Hawkfurth> We could teach them men a lesson or two, then send 'em off t'spread fear among the peasants.

lisbet{slave} smiles as she drops to her knees. If she just could avoid aggrevatin' the lord mayhaps she could stay in one piece.

Lord_Redstone> That might be an idea. It would also inform her father of the honor that has been bestowed upon her daughter.

Lord_Redstone raises his goblet in salute.

Hawkfurth> Verra smart m'Lord

Hawkfurth> So m'Lord. Ye think this slave will be loyal t'ye?

lisbet{slave} mumbles softly that she dinna think she had a choice in the matter.

Lord_Redstone takes a drink, swallows and looks towar the girl, confirming her suspicions:

Lord_Redstone> Aye, she will, for doing otherwise isn't an option lest she wishes her life to end.

lisbet{slave} looks up at Lord_Redstone, a tear running down her pale cheeks. Life was bad at her father's keep, but she deserved a better life than this. A slave! Never free again...perhaps it would be better if she died.

Lord_Redstone notes the fat tear rolling down her cheek like molten beeswax from a church candle.

Lord_Redstone leans back and sets down his goblet to replace it with the riding crop.

Lord_Redstone> Don't tell me it is such bad a fate, slave. I have seen the kind of brutes this lands harbors more often than not.

lisbet{slave}> 14Aye m'Lord. My father was one of those. I am just afraid m'Lord. 'Tis all so new to me.

Lord_Redstone> I see what you mean. But you will be surprised how fast you can learn.

Lord_Redstone smirks

lisbet{slave}> (softly) I dinna have a choice so I will try t'serve ye well

Lord_Redstone> Right you are, my slave. Then again, my goal is that, one
day, you will be given that choice and you shall willingly choose to serve me.

lisbet{slave}> Are ye daft m'Lord? I just want to wed and have bairns as any lass.

Lord_Redstone> Have you just called me daft?

Lord_Redstone raies his arm and his crop swishes viciously to bite into your shoulder.

lisbet{slave} cries out in pain

lisbet{slave}> N-Nay...

Lord_Redstone points at your fce, right below your nose, with the crop.

Lord_Redstone> You have to be more careful of the way you address your Master.

lisbet{slave} nods, now more afraid of this 'Master" than ever.

lisbet{slave}> (softly) F-Forgive me M-Master

Lord_Redstone stares at you for a little longer before tossing the crop next to his goblet on the table.

Lord_Redstone> Be grateful I am a patient man.

lisbet{slave}> (softly) Aye, I am verra grateful M-m-master

Lord_Redstone> Good.

Lord_Redstone 's harsh features can't help softening some at your use of such a title, further, to hear it from such a soft, vulnerable voice.

Hawkfurth> I suppose ye will want t'use them first before the men an' I can have them, eh?

Lord_Redstone> Perhaps not all of them, Hawkfurth. I am very well aware that you deserve a just reward and all men enjoy a maiden.

Lord_Redstone> But this one...

Lord_Redstone reaches out for lisbet{slave}'s cheek, gently this time, with his hand. Even though it is surprisingly callous for that of a noble, it is also manicured with care.

lisbet{slave} looks o'er at Hawkfurth as fear and dread stiffen her body. Aye, she is verra vulnerable, but just the thought of Hawkfurth or other guards using her as a whore was almost worse than she could bear.

Lord_Redstone> ... is my very first slave.

lisbet{slave} calms a bit as his hand caresses her cheek. What was she to expect from him? Would he care for her as he alluded to, or should she dread his next move?

Lord_Redstone> You've heard stories about me, haven't you, my slave?

lisbet{slave}> aye, a few...

lisbet{slave}> I had meant to run the other way, but those chasing me...oh, ye think my father planned this?

Lord_Redstone> I wouldn't know. Do you believe he might have?

lisbet{slave}> I wouldna put it past him M-m'lord...I mean Master

Lord_Redstone> Either way, you are now here where you beling.

Lord_Redstone> belong*

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lisbet{slave} nods, then crawls forward and presses her cheek against Lord_Redstone's leg.

Hawkfurth> Ye 'ave a good one there m'lord...

Lazurus enters the great hall

Lord_Redstone smiles as he looks down approvingly. A hand hat can be so threatening now protectively rests at the nape of her neck.

Lord_Redstone then looks up toward the entering man.

Lazurus stands quietly having returned from making the rounds of the castle

Lazurus looks down at the girl

Lord_Redstone> Is everything in order, Lazurus?

lisbet{slave} follows Lord_Redstone's gaze and it rests on the man who brought her to the keep. Was he a friend or just another man wanting to take her purity.

Lazurus> yes, the guard has changed and the items that I requsted have been put in place

Hawkfurth> Verra good sir. I found the lord another slave though he ain't put a collar on her yet.

Lazurus looks again at the girl for just a split second as his time on the road has been long and he has not been with a woman for a long time

Hawkfurth> Ye dinna touch the lord's slaves ye ken. They be fer his use only 'till he says otherwise.

lisbet{slave}> 'Tis that true m'Lord? Master?

Lord_Redstone> Those who proves themselves steady and trustworthy will be granted favors. But you are aware, of course, that my expectations are fairly high.

lisbet{slave}> And will ye tell me what they are?

Lord_Redstone> Lazurus, you have been hired recently. Surely you understand my reasons.

Lord_Redstone pauses for a beat and turns his head to lisbet{slave}:

Lord_Redstone> Be quiet, slave.

Lazurus 's grip on his black-baded sword tightens oh so imperceptibly as he has been a free man for a long time since laeving his island home

lisbet{slave} nods, but he cannot help but see the confusion on her face.

Lord_Redstone> I cannot bestow the use of my slaves to guests and visitors, less even to passing mercenaries. Only my loyal Praetorians will be granted the favor.

Lazurus> For someone as skilled as he has been to be talked to as a lackey grates hard on his pride

Hawkfurth> 14In time if the lord allows...Suck up yer pride an' show him ye can be loyal an' worth a bed an'' a bit o' gold.

Lazurus> As you wish, he says with a low grating voice

Hawkfurth> Do ye plan t'stay in these parts long?

Lazurus> it depends, How the wind blows,

Lord_Redstone> You would have to sprout some roots good man.

Hawkfurth> Ye willna find a better place than right whar ye find yerself at the moment.

Lazurus> there are many things that help to put down those roots

Lord_Redstone> I am very well aware how much it costs a free man to plead allegience to another. Believe me. But the more costly it is at the beginning, the greater the reward.

Lazurus> We shall see

Lazurus takes a seat at the far end of the hall

Lazurus ( Quit (Quit: )

Lord_Redstone> Indeed there are, and the promise of such things should
be worth a man's patience

Hawkfurth will watch this mon well for until he gives his fealty t'Lord Redston he canna be trusted.

Lord_Redstone sits back as he watches the man quietly take his leave.

Lord_Redstone> Mercenaries, hired swords. They are necessary, but they are arrogant to believe that they will get anything more than their standard wages from me.

lisbet{slave}> (softly) I dinna like him much, Master.

Lord_Redstone> I certainly hope not. It is me you should like.

Hawkfurth guffaws and slaps his knee with his hand, then gulps the rest of his wine down.

lisbet{slave} nods. She did 'like' him when he was kind to her like he has been this eve, but he continues to frighten her and he does have that room with all sort of implements. He wouldna hurt her...would he??

Hawkfurth gets up and nods at Lord_Redstone. He dinna seem to be needed her tonight, though things had started out well enough. Someday he would be like the lord and terrorize young lasses...or mayhap not.

Lord_Redstone> Hawkfurth, tomorrow we shall select one of the "lady"'s men to... serve as a warning, if you see what I mean. Just to be on the safe side.

Hawkfurth> Aye, I do.

Hawkfurth> I will go an' see how they be doing an' make them sweat a bit.

Hawkfurth leaves, chucklin' to himself.

Lord_Redstone grins at that

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lisbet{slave} watches the new slave go out of the room, then shyly looks up at Lord_Redstone

Lord_Redstone> You've accompanied her through the process, didn't you?

Lord_Redstone looks down to her

lisbet{slave}> aye m'Lord. She was verra frightened.

Lord_Redstone> I understand.

Lord_Redstone says softly

lisbet{slave}> You do?

Lord_Redstone> Getting the feel of an iron collar is one traumatic experience, one that a person doesn't forget.

lisbet{slave}> 'Tis uncomfortable, especially where it rubs against my skin Master

Lord_Redstone> Of course. The best Master must be aware as much as possible of the effect of his deeds.

lisbet{slave} smiles up at him almost adoringly.

Lord_Redstone 's own dark gaze bores into hers, at first surprised of such an unexpected adoration from a girl who, this very same day, was still behaving like someone who sought escape (he hasn't missed her hopeful look to the priest).

lisbet{slave}> M-Master? Ye willna let that priest de-flower me will ye? He truly seems the devil's spawn

Lord_Redstone> Really? Does it mean I have concurrence now?

Lord_Redstone smirks.

Lord_Redstone> No, I will not let him. He does not deserve a maiden of mine in his bed.

lisbet{slave} nods

lisbet{slave}> Thank ye m'Lord...Master

Lord_Redstone> Come.

Lord_Redstone> Get me that wine first (shows his horn out of reach) and...

Lord_Redstone pats his lap. This is an immense favor.

lisbet{slave} nods and a sweet smile breaks out on her face as she crawls over to get his horn, then quietly rises and goes to fill it with the deep, red burgundy wine.

lisbet{slave} returns, and after handing him the horn she climbs into his lap nervously.

lisbet{slave}> Even my own father never let me touch him or sit in his lap...

Lord_Redstone> Never? Pity...

lisbet{slave}> Did yours? Was he a good father to ye?

Lord_Redstone with one hand holds his horn and takes a careful sip, while his other arm wraps around her back and his hand rests to her calf.

Lord_Redstone swallows, she can see his Adam's apple twitch as he stares right ahead in reflection.

Lord_Redstone takes another drink

Lord_Redstone> He... 6 *clears his throat* 1 would carry me around on his shoulders.

lisbet{slave}> He loved ye then. My father ne'er did and he blamed me for my mother's death. I was verra young when she died.

Lord_Redstone> It was his fault as much then, for he has fathered you.

lisbet{slave} sighs and begins to relax a bit. She still didn't trust any man, but so far Lord_Redstone hadn't given her much reason to truly fear him

Lord_Redstone> My father loved me. More than my mother I think.

Lord_Redstone chuckles softly

Lord_Redstone> Why am I talking about this, I wonder.

lisbet{slave} shrugs and blushes a soft shade of pink

Lord_Redstone> I don't recall having talked much about those things with anyone.

lisbet{slave}> I am a verra good listener Master

lisbet{slave} finally rests herself against his broad chest.

Lord_Redstone grunts contentedly as his callous hand administers a couple of "gentle", gruff slaps that may mean to be affectionate.

Lord_Redstone> Among other things that I have yet to explore.

lisbet{slave}> Explore?

Lord_Redstone> About you.

lisbet{slave}> But ye can see who I am with yer eyes, Master. And, if ye cannot see it then all ye have to do is to ask me and I will tell ye if I can

Lord_Redstone> I can also touch you. Like this

Lord_Redstone 's hand starts to caress her warm thigh.

lisbet{slave} draws away a bit, not knowing what to think or how to react

Lord_Redstone> ... and like this...

Lord_Redstone again slaps it, this time harder, far less affectionately.

Lord_Redstone> Do not withdraw from my touch. I consider it insulting.

lisbet{slave} winces and bites her lip to keep from saying anything.

lisbet{slave}> (softly) I'm just surprised me...

Lord_Redstone 's hand raises to her collared neck and squeezes it, pressing her more against him.

Lord_Redstone> Don't worry. It happens with a maiden.

Lord_Redstone> That is worth being patient with.

lisbet{slave} nods though she can't find any pleasure in what he's doing now. In fact she was finding it hard to draw in a deep breath.

Lord_Redstone 's hold relaxes some as he takes another sip.

Lord_Redstone> You know, I too am a good listener.

lisbet{slave}> 'Tis good to be one.

Lord_Redstone> Aye. It can even save your life.

lisbet{slave}> How can that be Master?

Lord_Redstone> A-hah, I'm not giving you my tricks.

Lord_Redstone gives her a malicious wink.

lisbet{slave} smiles because she has no idea what else to do. All she knows for sure is that Lord_Redstone is not someone to be triffled with or ignored. Aye, her life might depend on it.

Lord_Redstone> Do you believe in destiny, my slave?

lisbet{slave}> I had too many other pressin' things to think about and destiny always seemed too far away and I could not change it anyway, right?

Lord_Redstone> You are wiser than you let on. It woul have been my own perception of things, I suppose, had I not been tutored by someone who would talk about such things. In any case, now I can afford to think about it and it is my belief that if your father is unworthy, he has been good on at least one instance: he has put you in my path.

Lord_Redstone> I am destined to be your owner and protector.

lisbet{slave}> So are ye saying it was my destiny to become your slave?

Lord_Redstone> Aye.

lisbet{slave} thinks about that for a moment, then slowly nods

lisbet{slave}> I shall not fight it then, Master

Lord_Redstone> Even if destiny wasn't involved, I would recommend that you shall not fight it.

Lord_Redstone> You see, any slave who flees my will must die.

lisbet{slave} narrator> It was in that moment that lisbet{slave} gave up all the hopes and dreams she had as a younger lass and gave herself over to be the best slave for her master. There had been little hope anyway for her to fall in love and wed, and this gave her life a purpose.

lisbet{slave}> Ye would kill her for trying to leave?

lisbet{slave} shivers slightly, hoping he doesn't notice. Personally she had no plan to even try to leave, but just the thought of someone being killed for a stupid mistake...

Lord_Redstone> Some get killed, aye. Others... those who are worth keeping, are punished severely.

lisbet{slave}> (whisper) ohhhhhh...

Lord_Redstone perceived the shiver, but he would have been moved much more by her realization that her life had a purpose now. That too, he would understand, just as he had for the feel of the collar.

Lord_Redstone perhaps for that reason inserts his finger in her collar and starts rubbing the irritated skin beneath.

lisbet{slave}> I do na want to be punished and I swear I shall ne'er attempt such a thing. I only want to be yours...truly! I will do whatever ye ask of me

lisbet{slave} squirms when his rubbing becomes painful where her skin is almost raw, but she says naught.

Lord_Redstone withdraws his finger.

Lord_Redstone> Good. Then you have earned some appeasement. Look to that shelf over there. See the small terracotta jar? Get it for me.

lisbet{slave} slips off his lap and pads over to get the small jar, then returns to him and stands quietly next to his throne.

Lord_Redstone stands and takes the jar after having set his empty horn down. After having taken off the lid, he dips his finger in what looks like a jelly-like cream and, facing her, he inserts the coated finger once more between her neck and collar. This time the feeling is very different: despite the initial rubbing, it's cool and soothing. A pleasant herbal scent emanates from the medicated ointment.

lisbet{slave} closes her eyes and breathes in deeply of the earthy smell. He is being kind and she responds to it as he would wish.

lisbet{slave}> (softly) ummmmmm it feels delicious. Thank you.

Lord_Redstone smiles as he wipes his finger off lower, toward her bosom.

Lord_Redstone> It is strictly reserved for good slaves.

lisbet{slave}> I want to please you always, but I fear I willna know what to do at times.

Lord_Redstone> Then I shall teach you.

lisbet{slave} smiles at him in her eager, almost childish way

Lord_Redstone hands her the jar and, with his other hand, strokes her cheek.

Lord_Redstone> Remember...

Lord_Redstone> sometimes I must do bad things for good reasons.

lisbet{slave} nods verra slowly, not quite understanding what he's trying to tell her.

lisbet{slave}> But if I try hard to please ye and do as ye ask of me...

lisbet{slave}> Oh, ye mean to others, aye?

Lord_Redstone> Sometimes...

Lord_Redstone reaches out for her hair and gives a sideways yank.

lisbet{slave}> Ouch!

Lord_Redstone> You will still be mistreated.

Lord_Redstone> But even then, my slave...

Lord_Redstone> even when you feel it is unjust or unwarranted...

Lord_Redstone> You must accept it as my will.

Lord_Redstone> Do you understand?

Lazurus ( has joined #Barbaric-Castle

lisbet{slave}> Not fully Master...I, well, if I do what pleases ye then why must I be punished?

Hawkfurth nods over at Lazurus from where he sits on the far side of the hall.

Lazurus watches

lisbet{slave}> Or are ye not punishing me?

Lord_Redstone> Sometimes...

Lord_Redstone looks up and nods to Lazurus in greeting before looking back to her

Lord_Redstone> is to set an example

Lord_Redstone> Sometimes, there isn't a reason at all.

Lazurus leans back against the wall a hand on the hilt of his sword

lisbet{slave}> I think I understand...

Lord_Redstone> I was sure you would.

Lord_Redstone gently shoves lisbet{slave} aside as he notes Lazurus's move.

Lord_Redstone> Do you see a threat anywhere, Sir?

Lazurus always stands with an easy readiness

lisbet{slave}> I do need to know what is expected from me Master... 6Lisbet wonders what caused him to shove her, even if it was gently. She sees him staring at the man sitting on the edge o' the room.

Lord_Redstone> You ought to relax some. Your stance, as useful as it may be, may draw unwanted negative attention to you when it isn't needed.

Hawkfurth> 'Twould be best if ye'd leave yer weapon below or at least sheathed

Lord_Redstone himself doesn't look like it at all, but he's a trained Assassin. Even more odd is his own stance: although imposing in its own way, there's a rigid clumsiness about him. No one would ever suspect that this noble is a professional killer.

lisbet{slave}> Should I serve him some ale, or can he get his own?

Lazurus> it is sheathed

Lord_Redstone> Is there something you wished to tell me, sir?

Hawkfurth> Ye certainly be slow pointin' tha' out

Hawkfurth smirks

Lazurus> just said my hand was on the hilt didnt say it was drawn

Hawkfurth> Fergive me then...'tis the lord I be lookin' oot fer

Lazurus> If you look up to the balcony there you will see that slight wafting of the curtain

Lazurus> that be one of my men assigned to keep watch over the Lord, his bow is both fast and accurate

Hawkfurth looks t' Lord_Redstone fer confirmation

Lord_Redstone> The hired warriors are expected to be skilled in order to enter my service, aye.

Lord_Redstone> So, sir Lazurus, all is well?

lisbet{slave} feels protected and grateful.

Lazurus> it seems so and these men are in my hire and so answer to me and I to you

lisbet{slave}> 14Master? Would you like me to warm your bed tonight? There is a chill in the air...

Lord_Redstone> Good work then sir. I must retire now, so...

Lord_Redstone looks to lisbet{slave}

Lord_Redstone> See to the guard's needs and comfort.

Lord_Redstone> Hawkfurth, I trust that you will ensure that a certain need... will not be requested.

lisbet{slave} waits and lets out a sigh at the finish of his words. She didn't trust some of the guards here either

Hawkfurth> Of course my lord

Lord_Redstone before retiring says to lisbet{slave}:

Lord_Redstone> You will come to my bed when your duties are done.

Alfred is already asleep, his face squished against some intendance work.

lisbet{slave}> Aye Master, and I thank ye.

Hawkfurth> So, tell the wench what ye need Lazurus

Lazurus> not a thing, as he looks at her

Lazurus> nothing to eat or drink

lisbet{slave}> Are ye certain?

Lazurus> I do not have a hunger for food or drink

Hawkfurth> Watch yerself sir. That is one who belongs to the lord ye ken.

lisbet{slave}> Then mayhap I should go to Master...

Hawkfurth> That be a fine idea slave.

Lord_Redstone has retired behind the drapes of his dais, where the narrow stairwell leading to his private quarters leads.

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