The Arrival of Barbaric Castle's third slave: meletta{slave}

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The Arrival of Barbaric Castle's third slave: meletta{slave}

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Melleta clutches the reins of her pony as it makes its way along the narrow track winding through the forest, trees growing close together cutting out most of the light. She follows the two gaurds her father had hired to ensure she arrived at her destination

Hawkfurth enters the hall, mumbling and scowling to himself

Hawkfurth> m'Lord?

Melleta pulls the hood of her cloak over her head as the rain starts to fall

Lord_Redstone is in the hall as well, busy fixing a string on an odd-shapen little bow. His hands pause from the delicate work and his dark eyes look up to the Praetorian.

Lord_Redstone> Aye?

Hawkfurth scowls even more as Lord_Redstone seems t'appear out of thin air.

Hawkfurth> Cook wants fresh meat so I be headin' out to hunt.

Melleta rains driven into her face unable to see more than a few yards as the horses plod slowly along the track

Hawkfurth> Ain't wantin' to go out in the rain though I willna melt aye?

Lord_Redstone> Fresh meat, do you say?

Lord_Redstone> Well, we always have room for that haven't we?. Two slaves already, my friend.

Hawkfurth> Aye! Have ye a preference m'Lord?

Lord_Redstone> Apart from the milky flesh of a female...

Lord_Redstone smirks

Lord_Redstone> ...I take whatever the forest offers, Hawkfurth.

Hawkfurth chuckles and nods

Lord_Redstone> You know me. I have starved enough to appreciate everything.

Hawkfurth> Will ye let me 'ave the use o' some o' yer slaves?

lisbet{slave} had tried to stay out of Lord_Redstone's sight, but with her belly growling she pads down to where she smelled food cooking. Hopefully she willna be seen by either Lord_Redstone or his leerin' guard Hawkfurth.

Lord_Redstone> Go hunt. The worthiness of our new slaves has yet to be tested.

Hawkfurth nods and heads out to hunt, picking up his bow and a quiver o' arrows before headin' out.

Melleta shouts to the men in front 'how much further to this place' bent down low to the horses neck her cloak and robes soaked through

Lord_Redstone himself isn't as lubrid as his words sound; but he is able to speak the language of common man, including the faithful Hawkfurth, to better strengthen his influence on them.

LR Narrator> Melleta's party's path is increasingly wild, rocky and steep through the thick, darkening forest. It all feels like a threat, an impending curse.

Melleta clings on her pony stumbling as it makes its way up a rock strewn slope through the trees, mist curling through the trees the skys darkening

Hawkfurth heads out to find some wild boar or venison. With the rain he takes extra care, na wantin' to slip off the rocks or slide down t'the water on a mudslide.

Melleta catches glimpses of a dark forbidding castle of some sort looming some distance away through the trees

Lord_Redstone meanwhile is done fixing his bow. But he taakes it to the armory to have it squeezed tight so that the glue will set properly.

lisbet{slave} slips down the stairs and out a door, running across the narrow courtyard to the kitchen. The rain quickly soaks and makes her tunic cling to her body

Hawkfurth> Ho! Who goes there?

Melleta hears a voice out of the darkness seeing a figure step out of the trees infront of her escorts

Hawkfurth sees a rainsoaked, miserable, and perhaps lost group moving towards the keep. He almost sent an arrow flying for he first thought 'twas a buck...he may still send an arrow their way.

Hawkfurth> Who goes there? Speak now afore I shoot ye all since ye be trespassin' on m'Lord's lands.

Melleta hangs back behind the two escourts hearing them converse with the man 'we are travellers escourting this Lady

Lord_Redstone returns to the beautifully tiled entrance hall. Yes, this whole keep has been a lot of work to restore and had cost the lives of several male captives, but it was well worth it: here he was now, in a well defensed stronghold, feared and respected by those of his adoptive land.

Hawkfurth suddenly appears out of the mist and rain in front of Melleta and her guards, rubbin' his hands together in glee as he sees the young lass. Liftin' his bow and notchin' an arrow he faces them.

Melleta pulls on the reins of her pony bringing it to a halt keeping behind her guards hearing them speak 'there is no need for violence

lisbet{slave} is given a bowl of stew which she almost inhales. 1Have ye been the cook here long? What can ye tell me of Lord_Redstone?

Hawkfurth> Travelers...I can offer ye a room fer the night and a warm meal.

Melleta hears the men say 'that is kind of you' following them as they make thereway towards the castle

Hawkfurth gives them a sardonic smile and allows them to wonder at his sincerity, though on a night like this it matters little to a cold wet group.

The cook happens to be dear old Alfred, who also serves as a steward. Gaunt, hobbling with a cane, a stump showing where his right hand should be, he sits tiredly in front of lisbet{slave} and sighs. "Ah, lass, I fear there's too much to say that my failing breath can manage."

lisbet{slave}> And what do ye mean by that, sir? He frightens me and I fear he is evil...

Melleta following her guards across the wooden bridge into the castel the gloomy walls rising above her

Lord_Redstone goes back upstairs for now, and to his living quarters on the second floor to change.

Hawkfurth walks in front of the group and calls out fer the gates t'be opened.

Melleta hears the gates grind as they swing open

Alfred: "Evil..." He looks vaguely at his stump. "Things are more complicated than they seem."

Melleta hearing the sound of her horses hooves as she crosses the bridge and enters the castle

Hawkfurth> Welcome t'Redstone m'lady. The lord will be most pleased t'see ye...most pleased indeed. Yer men can go t'the barracks. Ye alone wil come with me.

Lord_Redstone , who has bathed earlier, has changed from his bath robe into a clean all-black outfit that gives him a dangerously lean, predatory look. He returns to the first floor's living hall, where the fire crackles nicely.

Melleta nods 'thank you' slips down off her pony her legs aching her wet clothes clinging to her body

Hawkfurth nods to one of the keep's guards and nods. The men will the thrown into the dungeon and given a choice to either pledge their fealty to Lord_Redstone or die.

lisbet{slave} nods, sighing as she listens to Alfred.

Melleta follows the man along a corridor

lisbet{slave}> I suppose I best be heading back to the hall and greet Lord_Redstone as a proper slave think?

Hawkfurth> Come this way ,

Melleta nods 'where are we going

Hawkfurth> Come this way m'lady. 'Tis a beautiful keep, aye? Lord_Redstone has done much work an' 'tis quite pleased with th' outcome. Up the stairs ye go an' into the hall.

Alfred smiles some and says: "You'd be in his good books for sure. Leave those dishes be, lass. I'll take care of them."

Melleta nods following the man up a long flight of steps and into a large hall

lisbet{slave} nods. (Softly) Thank ye sir. I am grateful that ye seem to be a friend.

LR Narrator> Melleta 's first sight of the room is, ahead of her, an arrogant throne on top of 3 steps, under a dais that has drapes fluttering behind it.

lisbet{slave} heads back to the hall and steels herself. She must be brave and not let him see her fear.

Hawkfurth pushes the lady up the stairs and into the room. Lord_Redstone will be verra pleased with the results o' his hunt.

Melleta feels hands shove herfrom behind so she stumbles half falling into the hall

Hawkfurth> Good! Ye can stay on yer knees t'greet Lord_Redstone.

Melleta struggles up her robe caught uner her knees her heavy cloak drapped around her

lisbet{slave} comes up the back stairway, through the dining area and into the hall and looks around for the lord. Her heart slows a bit and she gets her trembling partially under control since the man is nowhere to be seen.

LR Narrator> The drapes flutter a little more and give way to a discrete, dark silhouette that slinks like a feline to take a seat upon the burgundy velvety cushion on the throne. As much as the dais and its surrounding are overwhelmingly elaborate, as much as the man it serves as a frame to displays an austere simplicity.

Hawkfurth> Crawl o'er to the foot of the throne lady and kneel. In fact, since ye be so wet an' cold ye can take off yer wet things. I shall find ye a dryin' cloth.

Melleta shudders 'I am happy as I am I can change when you show me to my chamber

Lord_Redstone> What have you got there, Hawkfurth? I was expecting a partridge.

Hawkfurth> Ah, I found ye somethin' e'en better m'Lord. She be a bit wet an' cold, but I be sure she will warm up soon with yer help m'Lord.

lisbet{slave} kneels with her forehead touching the stone floor, quiet, and looking quite 'slave-like'..

Hawkfurth> What be yer name lass?

Lord_Redstone 's gaze sets upon Melleta like that of a Byzantine icon: deep, dark and unseeing while being able to catch every detail.

Melleta> my name ..Lady Melleta

Lord_Redstone> Lady...?

Hawkfurth smirks at the 'lady' part

Lord_Redstone stands and steps down the dais.

Lord_Redstone> I see no lady here.

Lord_Redstone looks to Hawkfurth.

Melleta> my father has killed people for lesser insults than that

Lord_Redstone> Has her escort been properly seen to?

Hawkfurth> Ye best treat Lord_Redstone wi' respect "lady"....

Melleta shivers feeling frightened by these mens atitude

Hawkfurth> an' aye m'Lord. Well taken care of they are.

Lord_Redstone> Excellent.

lisbet{slave} sighs a bit too loudly to avoid Lord_Redstone's glare.

Lord_Redstone returns his attention to Melleta, over whom he is now towering. He is very simply armed, it seems, with a short sword across his back, a pouch, sling and dagger at his belt, and... a riding crop in his hand, held in the manner of a scepter.

Melleta shudders concious she is still kneeling in her soaking wet riding clothes

Lord_Redstone> What insult?

Melleta> suggesting I am not a Lady my father owns large estates in the south

Hawkfurth> Mayhap ye need t'teach yer slave a lesson an' show this "lady" what will happen to her...jus' sayin' m'Lord.

lisbet{slave}> (softly) Nay!

Lord_Redstone> What does it mean to be a lady, apart from being provided finer sustenance and clothing than average? Right. Your father owns estates. Your father. Not you. Females are meant to serve. You will serve.

Lord_Redstone casts lisbet{slave} an interrogative look.

Melleta shudders 'what are you talking about

Hawkfurth goes o'er t' lisbet{slave} an' gives her a swift kick in her side, causin' her to fall o'er on her side. He chuckles.

Melleta shivers

Lord_Redstone> ind the ribs, Hawkfurth. We do not have a healer yet and I have no time to waste being one.

Melleta glances towards the girl that the other man just kicked

lisbet{slave} holds her side and groans. Would she e'er learn to keep her mouth shut?

Lord_Redstone gently tapes Melleta's shoulder with the crop to regain her attention.

Melleta shivers looking up at the man

Lord_Redstone> You ought to know that I have killed people for no insults at all. Now. tell me more of your father.

Hawkfurth shakes his head at lisbet{slave} an' wishes he could'ave taught the lass a 'real' lesson, but nay. The lord 'tis more interested in the 'fresh meat' he brought in.

Melleta> Lord Morris of Newark he owns most of the land around there

Lord_Redstone 's face is tanned, way darker than what is usually seen in Scotland. Everything about him is too dark: his clothing, his thick wild hair, his stubble and his eyes. He looks like the devil's spwan.

Melleta> do you want to make me into a slave before i go?

Lord_Redstone> I see. You realize, of course, that it only further makes you quite an interesting acquisition to me

Lord_Redstone> (I assume that was ooc hehe)

Melleta> aquisition what do you mean aquisition

Melleta> (yes sorry thought I was in the other room)

Lord_Redstone> Hawkfurth

Lord_Redstone steps back

Lord_Redstone> Take our guest to the slave's dormitory. See that she is properly secured to the post. We wouldn't want her to wander anywhere... unsafe.

Melleta looks in horror 'what do you mean slave dormitary

Hawkfurth grabs Melleta by the back o' her cape and pulls her out.

Melleta screams as she is draged from the hall

Hawkfurth> Hush m'l-a-d-y...

Lord_Redstone watches then go, patting his palm with the riding crop.

Melleta struggles 'let me go

Hawkfurth rolls his eyes as he takes Melleta up the stairs.

Hawkfurth> Take off yer clothes an'then ye can crawl under the furs.

Melleta struggles dragged upstairs and into a a large unfurnished room

Melleta> (I will keep my clothes for the moment)

Melleta ( Quit (Quit: t/ )

lisbet{slave} has gotten back on her knees before Lord_Redstone.

Lord_Redstone turns his head and looks down to her... his very first slave. With ease, the crop is lowered to tap her cheek as gently as his hand had been.

Hawkfurth ties the woman's hands at her back, then to the post. If sleep...tomorrow she will be a lady no more. Hawkfurth heads back down to the hall, a self-satisfied grin on his swarthy face.

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Hawkfurth> Ah, 'tis the new slave to be, aye?

Melleta shudders dragged back into the main hall her wet dirty travel clothes clinging to her body

Hawkfurth unties Melleta from the post in the room, but leaves her hands bound behind her and he leads her to before the throne. He looks her o'er, then pulls her up to a standing position.

Hawkfurth> Come wi' me. Ye need t'bathe before ye be presentable t'the lord.

Melleta trembles standing trembling shivering with cold

Melleta shudders 'presentable ..what for where are my men

Hawkfurth cuts the rope binding her wrists, then nods for her to follow.

Melleta shudders and follows the man

Hawkfurth> When we return t'the hall I shall show ye from the window where their heads rest on pikes.

Melleta trembles and nods 'w..what have you done to them

Hawkfurth takes the lass down to the bathing room and throws open the door. To Melleta's surprise it is a beautiful room with greenery and a pool of warm water with steam rising up. On a shelf there are drying cloths and clean slave tunics and besides the pool are chunks of richly perfumed soap and washing cloths.

Melleta trembles as she steps inside

Hawkfurth> They be a lesson t'all who might pass by m'Lady. Mayhap one was let go t'spread the word, though he has na idea about what has happened t'ye. Now, takes off all yer clothes so I can burn them. Ye willna be needin' them anymore.

Melleta shudders 'buit what am I to wear I had clean clothes on a pack horse

Melleta slips her heavy though wet cloak off and her boots

Hawkfurth> Once ye be nekkid ye can go into the pool and wash yerself well. M'Lord dinna like any dirt on yer person. Dinna worry about clothes. Ye will get a white spun tunic as the other slaves.

Melleta> b..but I am not a slave

Melleta sliping her wet robe and under tunic off slipping into the welcoming warm waters

Hawkfurth> Aye, ye are an uncollared slave so get use t'the idea.

Melleta shudders as she washes herself

lisbet{slave} finishes seeing the priest settled and slips down to the bathing room. She smiles at Hawkfurth, then slips off the tunic and slips into the pool.

Melleta blushes as the servant girl she saw the day before slips into the pool

lisbet{slave}> Oh, this feels heavenly. My poor knees are almost raw with kneeling. I see ye have no collar yet, but that will come in time.

Melleta shudders 'but I am rich or rather my father is I am no slave

Hawkfurth steps out into the hallway to give the girls a modicum of privacy.

Melleta uses soap and water to rinse and wash her long hair

lisbet{slave}> Makes no difference. Maybe Hawkfurth will collar you before our Master returns, or do you still think you will be set free again? I truly don't like the feel of the collar, but other than that it hasn't been bad here. Lord Redstone frightens me, but he's only hit me a few times, once with a crop

Melleta shudders and nods 'what has that man donme with my clothes

lisbet{slave}> Didn't you hear him? Your dirty ones will be burned. The others, well, I have no idea what is done with them. Perhaps they are given to the village whore or the cook.

Melleta shudders 'but what am I to wear now

Melleta steps from the pool using a towel to dry herself

lisbet{slave}> Oh, don't get out so soon. I'm not done yet and it will be couple of days before you're allowed to bathe again.

Melleta shudders and nods getting back in the water

lisbet{slave} begins soaping her body and hair, then dips under the water to rinse.

Melleta crouches nervously in the water

lisbet{slave}> Oh, did you hear that Lord Redstone brands us with his mark? That I am nay looking forward to.

lisbet{slave}> And before you came down we had a visitor...a priest! He says he was sent from Rome...from the 'motherly church' or something like that.

Melleta shudders 'brands us what you mean like cattle

lisbet{slave}> Aye, I suppose so, but it cannae be too bad or we wouldn't be useful to him. I don't think the master and the priest like eachother verra much, but you don't need to worry. The priest...ummmm Father locked in his room.

Hawkfurth has left the door open enough t'hear the lasses talkin' and he's found it be quite useful t'him an' t'the lord. Daft lasses!

Melleta shudders as she imagines the thought of a hot iron marking her skin

lisbet{slave}> He spoke like he wanted me to give him 'favors', but that wasn't what Master had in mind.

lisbet{slave}> He's a scary man..the priest I mean.

lisbet{slave} goes over to the side of the pool where a pitcher is setting and motions Melleta over. She pours a bit over her hair, closing her eyes and inhaling the fragrance of lavender.

lisbet{slave}> 'Tis to rinse and soften your hair. This one is lavender and the one o'er there is rose scented.

Melleta nods picking up the pitcher and pouring some over her hair

Melleta slides her fingers through her hair coating the strands with the liquid

lisbet{slave}> Isn't it delightful? If you do as Master says and behave it isn't bad here, though I've only been here a verra short time myself. The food is simple, but good, and we do have beds and warm furs.

Melleta trembles 'and if we dont do what were told?

lisbet{slave} shrugs

lisbet{slave}> I wouldn't want to find out.

Melleta shudders

lisbet{slave} finishes rinsing off and heads to the steps of the pool.

Melleta gets out of the poll taking one of the towels and drying herself

lisbet{slave}> Here, use a fresh towel. 6Lisbet tosses Melleta one, then gets one for herself and begins drying her body.

lisbet{slave}> (oops...that's ok)

lisbet{slave}> I'm going to dry my hair by the fire in the hall. Hmmmmm...I thought I saw a comb we can use down here, but I was quite confused about which end was up when they first brought me here. When you're dry you can put on one of these clean tunics and use some bark sandals if you want.

Melleta drying her body carefully then her hair

Melleta nods as she numbly pulls on one of the breif tunics

Hawkfurth> Are ye two a'most done? Ye'd think ye were gittin' ready fer a ball!

Hawkfurth chuckles at himself as he comes to stand over the two.

Melleta shudders putting on a pair of the flimsy sandals

Hawkfurth> What say I put a collar on ye an' make ye a real slave? Then lisbet{slave} willna feel so lonesome.

Melleta shudders 'please cant I just be allowed to travle away

lisbet{slave}> I think this pool is the very nicest part of the keep. Oh Melleta! They will never let you go!

Melleta shudders

Dinna the lord tell ye that lass? Ye be here t'stay ferever...'least till ye die.

Melleta trembles fidgeting with the coarse fabric of her tunic

lisbet{slave} smiles and puts her arm around Melleta.

lisbet{slave}> (softly) You will be fine, I promise. It isn't that bad to have a collar put around your neck and the pin put in so you can't get it off. Truly.

Hawkfurth places a hand on the shoulder of each lass an' tightens his grip.

Hawkfurth> Come now. Ye've been jabb'ring enough now. There be work t'do an' a collar t'be put on this lass

Melleta trembles as she stands nervously with the other girl

lisbet{slave} winces as Hawkfurth's fingers dig into her shoulder and finds it easier to go with the guard. She hopes Hawkfurth lets her be there when Melleta is collared so she knows there is one person that cares about her.

Melleta trembles as we follow the man back to the main hall

Hawkfurth leads the lasses a small room and unlocks the door. Melleta can see chains, cuffs, and other instruments o' torture hangin' from the ceiling an' the walls. After tellin' her to stand still he goes to a chest and picks out a collar with {slave} engraved, then moves 'round her back and brings up his arms, forcin' her neck in t' the collar.

Hawkfurth> Be it feelin' fine lass?

Melleta whimpers trembling feeling the cold metal about her neck

Melleta shudders shaking her head

Hawkfurth> Now, kneel down an' lean yer head on yer arms, bendin' it a bit forword an' restin' on that box. Dinna move! Nay one feather-width, ye hear?

Melleta shudders as she knees her head on the box arms outstretched

Hawkfurth loves the sight of a tremblin' slave who be at his mercy. It took him a few years, but now he can collar the wenches as weel as th'lord. He forces the two ends t'gether, then works a pin int'the openin'.

Hawkfurth> I mean it...dinna move! It willna hurt, weel, much an' ye could be hurt verra bad. Understand?

Melleta feeling hands adjsuting the collar

Hawkfurth takes a mallet an' begins t'pound the pin into the holes. She feels the painful vibrations as metal hits metal an' as they run down her whole body. One last "bang" an' the pin is imbedded in the collar.

Melleta whimpers with each bang feeling the collar shake against her neck

Hawkfurth puts his finger between her skin an' the collar and pulls the lass upright.

Melleta whimpers

Hawkfurth> Now slave shall be known as melleta{slave}. Go up an' meet yer Master.

Lord_Redstone returns to the hall after having made sure that their guest has been properly locked up.

Melleta is now known as melleta{slave}

lisbet{slave} moves in and takes Melleta's hand so they can walk upstairs together.

lisbet{slave}> Are you alright?

lisbet{slave}> Just kneel before him and then you can eat and rest

melleta{slave} shivers and nods as we enter the hall

Hawkfurth laughs as the slave-lasses hurry up to the hall.

Lord_Redstone takes his seat as they enter. He looks intimidating in the throne, under its dais and up its 3 steps.

melleta{slave} trembles as she kneels in front of the dais

lisbet{slave} goes to the foot of the throne and kneels down, at first her forehead touching the stone floor.

Lord_Redstone> Good work, Hawkfurth.

Lord_Redstone then looks to his new acquisition.

Hawkfurth> Thank ye m'Lord. She dinna scream a'all...jes' shuddered

melleta{slave} trembles in her sleevless plain slave tunic

Lord_Redstone> How much more appealing you look now, slave. Welcome to my home.

Lord_Redstone> Ah, a silent one is she? All the better.

melleta{slave}> thank you

lisbet{slave} finally raises her head up and kneels with her back straight, but keeps her eyes down on the floor

Lord_Redstone> You will find out how much simpler the life of a slave is... precarious, yet simple for that very reason.

Lord_Redstone> You may go and get some rest fpr now

Lord_Redstone> I will see you later.

melleta{slave} ( Quit (Quit: t/ )

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