Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:08 pm

Don't mess with Lord Redstone or his typist.

Once taken, the admin/moderator’s decisions are final.

Join both channels: #Barbaric-Castle and #BC-OOC.

Once you involve in actual RP in the channel, leave any other room you’re in: when RP gets active, it requires your attention.

Posting any personal information is not encouraged; but if you really feel the need to speak about RT (real time, reality, daily life), you are free to do so. However, do not take offense in the event that some players do not reply: they are also free to do so or not, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t care: some players are here to forget about the everyday grind for a while and don’t wish to get involved with other people’s RT. It is their choice and it should be granted the courtesy. Please don’t make them feel bad for it. It is the case of the player behind Lord Redstone: he must be regarded as Lord Redstone, period. In OOC, he’s the admin-Op and will gladly assist you. Keep in mind that he’s here to RP, not to be a volunteer online counselor or psychologist; consequently, he will not personally involve in any RT-related matters.

You are welcome to observe RP in the main room; if so, please add –obs to your nickname while you do so, to avoid being addressed to as a character by others.

There is no character limit, but you are invited not to take more of them than you can handle.

Don’t take anything personal.

Drama and flaming are not tolerated. Anyone caught in the act will be warned with a kick; a second offense will result in a ban.

Even if the game isn’t centered around cybersex or BDSM, both are allowed for RP purposes and furtherance of plots; but OOC cyber and BDSM are prohibited.

Minimal realism is a must. For example, Xena-type princess warrior types don't exist, and a villager cannot know everything, from the virtues of wolfsbane to trigonometry; oh, and bread mold doesn’t heal everything.  For the rest, there’s no need to be a History buff: don’t worry about it, just jump in and do your best. You’ll be assisted if needed.

Mind-reading doesn’t exist. Don’t use OOC information (stuff that you know as a typist because it has been shared out of play with you by another typist) in play unless it has previously been agreed upon by the involved parties.

God-moding isn’t allowed. This means: do not try to steer play or a character’s action to befit your own storyline; do not post another characters’ actions for them. There can be no exaggerated ninja wall-climbing assassins, or miraculous, super-heroic immunity. Your character can’t win all the time. No one enjoys playing with a sore loser.

A  certain amount of creative license is permitted in terms of accelerated healing processes and recovery.

Forced role play, damage, mutilation or destruction of another character is strictly forbidden without the consent of players involved; the same requirement applies for the deadly outcome of a fight or a capture into slavery or as a prisoner. Those must be cleared with the players involved before hand. However, please bear in mind that entering Barbaric-Castle IC (in character) constitutes implied consent of possible harsh treatment, unless otherwise stated in advance.

The destruction of role play environment is forbidden.

Do not make anything up that isn’t already there.

Take a minute to run at least the basics of any important idea you might have involving others in the OOC room to make sure that what looks like a neat improvisation at first doesn’t end up being a frustrating mess. Sometimes, a bit of planning is in order.

Please be patient. Real life comes first and some of us are more often than not forced to multi-task while playing.

As much as possible, avoid abruptly dropping off from any ongoing RP you’re involving in without warning: unless it’s an unintentional disconnection, it’s rude for other players. Try to at least fit in a hasty departure line to make it more natural an allow others to see you withdraw (ex.: X is called off by the cook to get her chores done. Y must now go to his guard duties.)

Don’t sit and wait for things to happen to your character. If you don’t like any of what’s going on day after day, then consider thinking that this game may not be the place for you.

When frustrated by a play that didn’t go the way you would have expected, or by a bad situation in real life, or by how the room is directed, do not take it out on others in the room. No hasty decision should be taken when emotions and/or frustration are running high. Before anything, consider taking a break.The first thing to do then: see if it can be resolved between the players involved, by taking it private. It has to be “your” own problem or conflict, not one that you perceive in others.

If taking it to PM (private message) or to the OOC room doesn’t solve the issue, please copy/paste the disagreement and send it by PM to an admin or moderator either on the OOC channel, or on this site by clicking the contact button or by email at You will be notified of the action taken in the best delay possible.

Do not post a disagreement in public; also avoid disclosing anything about it to another user who hasn’t anything to do with it.Anyone caught in the dubious activity of rule-breaking a first time will be kicked with prior warning; a second offense will be “personally dealt with by Lord Redstone the Lord Redstone way”: in other words, with an arrow through a vital part of the offender’s character (read: permanent ban and no prior warning).

By coming into the room in character, you implicitly consent to the rules above and to the concept of the room.


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