What is free-form role-play?

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What is free-form role-play?

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:16 pm

What is FFRP?
It is the act of creating a character, complete with affect, personality, physical appearance, occupation and so on and so forth that are (normally) different from your own at least in some aspects, and then playing out that character in a fiction setting shared with others, thereby telling a story or set pr stories. RP has three essential characteristics: character, setting and plot.

Character: well developed characters are vital specifically because no central authority will be telling you what to do or where to go. In this form of RP, there are no game master, dice, character sheets or charts like in Dungeons & Dragons-type RPs: with FFRP, no one in particular calls the shots or even has the authority to call the shots. Each player must react to events in a believable, creative way and live with the believable consequences. You, the player, will be making ALL decisions regarding your character's actions and without a solid foundation you will have nothing to provide direction, which will result in uninteresting and often "mundane" roleplay (hardened warriors chatting in bars and cruising for sex anyone?).

Setting: The room concept starts with a core general setting described on this site. Players will pitch in as they join, adding more and more detail. As a result of this, freeform settings are moderately dynamic but at the same time evolutionary. Large changes to a setting normally occur as a series of successive small changes happen over time.

Plot: plots are actually emergent phenomena that arise from in-character interactions between different characters and different groups of characters. Everyone has a chance to contribute something to a plot. Everyone is allowed to make modest contributions to a story through their character. This isn't to say people cannot organize and 'combine their efforts' as it were into establishing a major new plot thread. There often are “planned events” where a group of players arrange a time to get together to play out a scenario. Those are to be left largely as improvisations (that is a general scenario is agreed to but no specifics are planned out. Note that over time, there will be many different plots of different scales occurring in parallel.

At its worst, FFRP is uninspired, hackneyed crap that is little more than people "chatting in garb." We want to avoid hat. Because at its best, FFRP is enormously fun, original and creative. The very lack of central organization that can be a liability to FFRP can also be its greatest strength. However, with the help of the minimal direction of the core concept, much of the feared crappy dispersion can be avoided. Finally, this is not to say that FFRP is pure anarchy. There is a basic set of rules to abide by. Please take a minute to click the button and read them.

Based of the following source: http://chat.shattered-realms.com/docs/ffrp.html


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