The Arrival of Barbaric Castle's Second Slave: annya{slave}

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The Arrival of Barbaric Castle's Second Slave: annya{slave}

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Lisbet looks at the intimidating the keep as they approach and wonders if she's gone from the frying pan into the fire. The man couldn't be any worse than the father she fled from...could he?

LR Narrator> The tow looke foreboding at best, with its stones an brickes shielded by a shroud of smoke coming fromm a camp fire made by the guards in the courtyard. Was this the antichamber of hell?

Lisbet> m'Lord? Perhaps I made a mistake coming with you and should go my own way. My father's men wouldnae be coming this far.

Lord_Redstone turns around as the double doors of the gates are brutally shut, thus enclosing you further from the outer world.

Lord_Redstone> It matters not. They would not come this far anyway.

Lisbet tries to pull away from the men holding her, jerking when the gates are shut. She stares at him as her face pales even further and her eyes seem almost to large for her face.

Lisbet> W-Why w-would they n-not come here?

Lord_Redstone steps forth, bsrely blinking, his odd foreign tanned face like a mask.

Lord_Redstone> Because they won't be able to.

Lisbet> Truly? At least that 'tis comforting.

Lord_Redstone beckons his guar to push the girl forth.

Lord_Redstone> guard*

Lisbet stumbles on the stones as she's pushed and falls on her belly before the lord.

annya` An arriving carriage came to a halt in the courtyard and withing moments her little body was uncerimoniously pushed out the back with a thump n the ground and some rattle of cuffs and chain sending up a whimper, it was nothing high enough to cause damage, just more surprising then anything

annya` as she struggled to get to her feet pulling the only item she had about her body a tattered cloak and stood there dumbfounded

Lisbet> Ouch! Ye could have asked me to move forward.

Lord_Redstone> Quiet.

Lisbet turns and looks out the now closed gates as a lass basically thrown out...and gasps

Lord_Redstone briefly pauses to eye the gates that briefly open to allow entry to another girl. Well, well, well. The big bd wolf's reputation was getting known in a profitable way.

Lisbet> (softly) B-but m'lord...did ye see what just happened out there?

Lord_Redstone> Indeed... it seems that ou will already have a chain sister.

annya` lifted a hand wiping dirt off her face but continued to stand there, looking quite dumb about everything surrounding her right now

Lord_Redstone brutally nods his chin to the guard and turns around, his cape billowing behind him, beckoning the Praetorian to escort th females inside to the entrance hall of hs tower.

Lisbet is getting a wee bit tired of being pushed, dragged, and ordered about.

annya` squeeked and flailed about as she was grabbed by the back of the neck and made to march to where they were being directed to now.

Lisbet> Please! As I said earlier, I can walk on my own. Ye just need to ask.

annya` tilted her head to Lisbet's voice and stumbled forward and walking right into a hitching bar flipping over it and hitting the ground

Lord_Redstone faces the two girl in a beautifully tiled hall with four doors, two to the left and two to the risght; ahead is a brick staircase apparently leading to some living quarters.

Lisbet whispers to annya`... 14Why were ye dumped here and who is this..this man...I mean 'lord'?

annya` squinted and righted herself rather quickly with more stumbling " what?" she sweeped her head around " I have no idea where I am."

Lisbet feels Lord_Redstone's eyes staring right through her and she quiets. This is na good...

Lisbet> m'Lord? I would like to be shown to my room for I am quite tired.

Lord_Redstone> I need girls like you here. What I wantt, I take.

Lisbet looks a bit confused, but then remembers that she did offer to do anything for her keep. Even servants had a bed to sleep on and food.

annya` " Who are you why am I here!!" she shouted.. towards the wall

Lisbet> (whisper) Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ye don't want to make him angry, now do ye?

Lisbet> (softly) Do ye think he means to make us servants?

annya` spun around holding her cuffed hands out until they found Lisbet's arm and latched onto it, squinting " servants? who is he fat and ugly?"

Lisbet> (softly) I fear he is the one everyone is talking about...he is mean and eats children and turns into a wolf when there is a full moon, but of course that is just rumor.

Lord_Redstone is a lean, average-sized man; standing about 5'11, with wild dark hair and stubble, dark skin, he looks quite foreign in Scotland. Most nobles of his age would inded be fat and ugly; instead, he's dangerously lean and healthy, with, however an odd clumsiness about his demeanor.

Lisbet> (softly) Nobody kens from where he comes nor why he is here.

annya` that would make her squeeze poor Lisbet's arm tighter " whaaaaat?" she gulped and tugged on the arm " we got to get out of here lets go!"

Lord_Redstone steps forth and brutally interrupts their whispered, ferful exchange with a butt from a sceptre of sorts.

Lord_Redstone> Do you mind?

Lisbet> (softly) Shhhhhhhh...not now...

Lisbet eeps and takes a step backwards

annya` shrieked as his voice seemed to come out of nowhere and she hunched down putting her hands over her head

Lord_Redstone looks to the Praetorians who have escorted the girls in.

Lord_Redstone> Good work, my men.

Lord_Redstone 's dark eyes then focus on Lisbet, and annya` in turn

Lisbet shrinks away from his stare. This was not turning out as she had expected it to turn out. She simply desired protection from her father and his men

annya` decided this might be a good time to move and started feeling over the ground crawling, until she felt over his footwear then up his leg, making her head tilt upwards

Lord_Redstone> Two appealing females to serve those loyal to me.

Lisbet> And what do ye mean by 'serve' m'Lord. I am no whore

Lord_Redstone quiets as he warches one of them approaching him like a worried kitten. Had they been searched, in case? he was well placed to know that a poisoned thorn was well concealed.

Lisbet feels heat creeping up her neck the moving up her face.

annya` wasnt wearing anything other then the cloak so she was probably not much of a threat giving she didnt even seem to realise who her hands were pawing over

Lord_Redstone> Those who serve me and my Praetorians are no common whores.

Lord_Redstone snaps his fingers and beckons one of them - Lisbet - to stand before him.

Lisbet moves slowing to stand before him, staying just out of his reach. This cannot be happening to her...

Lord_Redstone> Take your clothes off. The two of you. Alfred.

Lisbet> (whisper) Please m'Lord. I asked for.... (louder) WHAT? Nay, ye cannot mean that!

Lord_Redstone stans back as an elderly, fragile man hobbles toward them, leaning on a crooke cane

Lord_Redstone> crooked*

Lord_Redstone looks to the man.

Lord_Redstone> See that they are properly bathed and ridden of any lice of vermin. I shall wait upstairs.

Lisbet stands there in shock as one of the leering men begin to undress her in a way that was nothing she even dreamed could happen to a nice girl like her. She clutches her chemise as every thing else was ripped or cut from her body.

Lisbet> Please have mercy on me m'Lord...I beg ye.

Lisbet> And I have no 'vermin'! I am a well-raised lady m'Lord.

annya` flailed about as her cloaked was yanked off and her hands moved around trying to cover up with a pout

Lisbet looks from the retreating Lord_Redstone to Alfred, and back again, but soon she was as naked as a newborn babe. Tears run down her cheeks as not only her clothing was taken from her, but her modesty and person-hood as well.

Alfred precedes them, with the help of one guard each, to a vast room which reveals something unexpected to them: a pool sinking into the tiled floor by 3 soft steps. The water is appealingly and unexplainably warm, constantly renewed; there are chunks of yellowish homemade soaps and washcloths handy. On a shelf are readied, clean, folded bathrobes.

annya` " where they taking us now?" she just kept wandering forward and then screamed as she went right over the edge into the water with a heavy bellyflop slapping sound

Lisbet blinks for aye, it was completely unexpected. She had never taken a bath without her chemise on, but this was almost inviting. She gasped, then began giggling. She takes a tentative step toward the pool, then puts a foot in the water by stepping down the first step. It was warm and definitely inviting and without hesitation she steps down and goes into the water until she is covered up to her neck.

annya` stood up coughing and sputtering with a whimper holding her stomach with one hand and reached out with the other feeling around until she found the edge

LR Narrator> The water flowed in and out from a stream, was temporarily trapped long enough to be warmed but the coals beneath the floor and was evacuated back out, along with suds and dirt, into the stream. The syste was ingenious and virtually lost so far up north... but this foreign-looking Lord had apparently imported the knowledge.

Lisbet> 'Tis that soap sir? (Lisbet Narrator) When Alfred nods she takes a bar and smells it. It smelled wonderful...nothing like the lard soap at her father's keep. She soon rubs it all over her body and sighs in pleasure. She even briefly forgets that she is naked with strange men around.

annya` Just remained at the edge oblivious to everything, perhaps it was good in some ways, unnerving in others. But out of the water she could climb

Lisbet rubs soap in her hair, then quickly rinses it out. This was worth her fleeting feelings of shame...well, almost.

A Praetorian guard seemed to find amusing to push her back into the water by means of a pole. 'Wash up, lass, or I'll have to help you to it.'

annya` squeeked as she felt tumbling back and stood up coughing again and blinking her eyes, " I did, Im in the water"

Lisbet> I've finished washing, sir. May I have a drying cloth please?

Lord_Redstone> 'Sit on the stairs lass, otherwise we'll have to fish you up from the bottom of the pool, with those chains on'

LR Narrator> Both girls once thoroughly bathed, were given a linen to dry up with and a bathrobe. They were then escorted to a cozy rustic room upstairs, that had nothing but cots with furs on them. In the middle stood a brazier.

Lisbet stays in the water hiding her naked body until Alfred hands her a soft drying cloth. She quickly gets out as she wraps the towel around her body.

Lisbet smiles and yawns. Her long day had taken a toll on her and bed looks extremely inviting.

Lord_Redstone was nowhere to be seen for now. It felt as though the girls were being duly prepared.

annya` stood in the middle of the room poking a finger to her lips and biting on it, getting shifted so many places at a rapid pace, she had no clue what to even imagine now " where are we?" she muttered

Lisbet runs her fingers through her hair and tries to dry it a bit as she stands close to the brazier, but her tiredness wins out in the end. She picks a cot and crawls under the furs, falling asleep almost immediately. Dreams this night will not be peaceful, but filled with unknown terrors for the first few hours.

Alfred, who introduced himself as a butler even though he was weak, elderly and deprived of one hand, explained to the girls that they were now in the slaves dormitory that had been benevolently granted them by the Lord.

Lisbet> (whisper) Slavesssssssssssssssss...

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annya` had finally found a fur to sleep on and was doing such, quite soundly curled up into a ball

LR Narrator> The night has drifted away in the semi confines of the slave dormitory. You will wake with the sight of a central post with chains and shackles hanging from it, a device that brutally hauls you back to your new and precarious situation.

annya` would wake finally and just lay there blinking and yawning, not really knowing what lurks before her, for now she was comfortable and didnt feel much like moving

LR Narrator> A slight noise, like a bit of ruffling of cloth against the wooden floor, is heard from the direction of the doorframe. Someone is there.

annya` squinted and sat upright tilting her head at the sound " w..whos there.."

LR Narrator> The shaky voice of who seems to be a frail old man replies, rather kindly, «Your Lord awaits you. Come along.»

annya`> I dont have a lord.. I dont even know whats going on or why Im here!

Alfred> Oh, but you do have a Lord now, in the unlikely event that you didn’t have one before. You are on Lord Redstone’s lands, therefore he is your ruler, and he has claimed you as his property. It’s that simple.» Alfred observes you with closer attention: although you’re looking in the right direction, your gaze is imprecise through half-opened eyelids. Blindness, more than panicked clumsiness, might explain the clumsiness he witnessed last evening.

annya` frowned, " I was grabbed and cuffed and.." she sighed pulling the fur around her nude form " whats goign to happen to me?"

Alfred Narrator> Again with a certain kindness, the old man hobbles closer and gently reaches out to offer her hand, explaining: «I have reasons to believe that our Lord wishes to enslave you and put you to the service of his household.»

annya` tilted her head more to the approaching footsteps but didnt react to the hand that was reached out enslave...? service? what kind of service?"

Alfred> Ah, it will be for him to decide. Now, listen closely: when I will tell you to kneel, do so, and keep your head bowed. Do not speak until the Lord addresses you. All right? Come now, let’s not keep him waiting.

annya` frowned and got up slowly not like she had much of a choice

Alfred escorts you out of the dormitory to a larger and warmer room. Everything is silent, save for the crackle of fire. Some good smelling food is probably cooking nearby. After a few steps, Alfred gives a discrete tug on your arm. It is the signal for you to do as previously bid.

annya` sniffed the air and turned her head with the tug, kneeling down and lowering her head

Alfred leaves your side and hobbles away, not so far away though as you couldn’t hear him whisper something that sounds quite a bit like «blind». A deep, grunting «hm, hm!» greets the man’s whisper and another voice, deep and lightly accented addresses her.

Lord_Redstone> My steward tells me you are blind, girl. Is that correct?

annya` had good hearing at least, and lifted her head when addressed with a nod "yes"

Lord_Redstone> "Yes, my Lord." You will address me properly.

annya` shifted her lips and squinted " y..yes my lord.."

Lord_Redstone thoughtfully rubs the stubble on his chin. A blind girl might not be the best acquisition and his initial reflex is to dispose of her Then again, on second thought, she might prove useful..

Lord_Redstone> Tell me about yourself.

annya` rubbed her stomach and blinked giving her head shake making her lengthy red hair bounce about " my name is annya"

Lord_Redstone 's dark eyes detail the girl with virile attention. As blind as she might be, he certainly isn't. She's a gorgeous, helpless little thing, no dout about that. Her handicap aside, she looks healthy.

Lord_Redstone> Slavic?

Lord_Redstone shifts in what is probably a seat. For some reason, there's a point of worry in his tone.

annya` rocked on her knees, uncomfortable to sit like that, clearly she wasnt used to it, " ..english" she muttered and her head tilted to the sound of him sitting. she was definately a runt- barely even reaching five feet and not much in the chest for development but yes she was healthy overall.

Lord_Redstone relaxes some .

Lord_Redstone> It is an unusual name for a local. Who is your family?

annya`> i have no family left.. the last winter took them.

Lord_Redstone> I see.

Lord_Redstone 's voice bears no pity. To him, it only means that no one will come moaning to get her back.

Lord_Redstone> Tell me, what good are you at?

annya` " g...good at?" she fiddled with her hands and gave a small shrug " milking cows i guess.."

Lord_Redstone> So you are a farm girl.

annya` nodded " yes my lord"

Lord_Redstone> Very well. I need a polyvalent good worker.

Lord_Redstone asks abruptly:

Lord_Redstone> Are you still a maiden?

annya` blinked and just sat there silent and looking confused " i.. i what..?"

Lord_Redstone> Have you ever been with a man?

annya` looked like she had been suddenly slapped out of nowhere and blushed biting down on her lip and shaking her head

Lord_Redstone> Good.

Lord_Redstone smiles, but you wouldn't be reassured if you saw him.

annya` scratched the back of her neck and shifted uncomfortably at the subject but it posed the question " why is it good?"

Lord_Redstone> It increases your value to me.

Lord_Redstone stands and a few rough steps suggest that he came down 3 steps. The heavy footfalls then move toward you.

annya` started to tense up as he drew closer

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annya` had tensed up hearing his approaching footsteps not really knowing what to expect, or how almost unnerving that smile he had would look

Lord_Redstone reaches down and you feel a curled, slightly callous finger tip your chin up.

Lord_Redstone> Nm, unseing eyes naturally downcast.

Lord_Redstone> Left on your own you will die a beggar. Do you know that?

annya` even if he didnt want it, her first instinctual reaction was to jerk her head back from the suddenly touch and then frowned with his words " I..I was managing.."

Lord_Redstone doesn’t scowl you for your instinctive reaction : after all, you didn’t see it coming. Literally.

Lord_Redstone> Right. You would have... "managed"... until someone would have found you in a corner, dead from the cold before Yule. Serve me well and you will live longer and in better conditions.

Lord_Redstone> It is a favor I am willing to grant you, even if you are blind. I normally dispose of cripples.

annya` cringed more with his continued words, they bit hard and her head lowered, " didnt ask to come here.." she muttered

Lord_Redstone> You have been found on my lands.

Lord_Redstone> Therefore, I have the right to claim you and do with as I please.

Lord_Redstone> And that's exactly what I am going to do.<

annya` shook her head a bit " what does that mean?"

Lord_Redstone> It means that you are about to become my slave.

annya` squinted and turned her body away from him, one and covering her mouth with a choking back sound

Lord_Redstone remains silent as he observes the predictable - and understandable - reaction, granting you time to take it in.

annya` got up and started wandering, trying to absorb the situation, just wanted to be ill, but didnt help that she didnt know the layout of the room either and bumped up against a table and leaned forward to rest on it trembling

Lord_Redstone> The shelter you seek is the one you are trying to avoid... and fail to.

annya`> it...its not free..

Lord_Redstone> I beg your pardon?

annya`> Freedom was all I had left and you have taken that from me

Lord_Redstone steps toward you, but staus behind you.

Lord_Redstone> You're wrong. There is still something you have, that I have not yet taken. And it will be up to you that it doesn't happen, for hen, I will have taken everything from you.

annya`> what? I have nothing left for you to take from me..

Lord_Redstone> Aye, there is. Your life would be easy for me to claim as well.

annya` straightened up and turned around to face in his general direction as she wiped her eyes and narrowed them " then take it! I'll fight you til my last breath"

Lord_Redstone responds with what "looks" like silence to you as he raises his eyebrows in surprise and then throws his head back for a wolfish grin. This is most amusing. You, fight him?

Lord_Redstone> For the principle of honor, surely.

Lord_Redstone There is another silence and suddenly, a sharp pain explodes on your cheek as he slaps you for your insolence.

annya` squinted more as he just seemed to laugh her off like that, her hand sweeping back across the table behind her body to find anything, a candle holder would do and just as quick as she grabbed it she let it fly towards the sound of the laughter

annya` squinted more as he just seemed to laugh her off like that, her hand sweeping back across the table behind her body to find anything, a candle holder would do and just as quick as she grabbed as she got slapped making her squeel and her hand

annya` whipped around with the candlestick letting it she let it fly towards him

Lord_Redstone had backed up a little. He sidesteps and ducks as the candleholder flies over his shoulder, the candle itself touching his leg without damage. But he is no longer laughing. His expression is stony. The next move is swifter, more silent and meant to harm: it is a backhand to the side of your head.

annya` let out a grunt and that was about it as her head snapped to the side with the strike and her body twisted rolling against the edge of the table and landed on the ground, senses reeling as she whimpered and shifted about against the floor, instinctually trying to flee making her crawl

annya` all be it wobbily in any direction

Lord_Redstone reaches for a riding crop and starts methodically striking you with it as he circles you, following your jerky withdrawing, keeping out of reach.

annya` squeeled loudly with each strike, pale skin quickly showing the red streaks left by the crop, she could hardly function from the hit let alone get away from what was happening now finally just dropping onto her side and curling up covering her head with her arms sobbing heavily

Lord_Redstone finally consents to pause, after half a dozen mre well-aimed strokes to the calf, shoulder and back. His shadow looming near, yet still out of reach, his calm, deep voice asks:

Lord_Redstone> Do you yield?

annya` didnt really need to answer even if she could choke the words out at the moment, a huddled sobbing mass at his feet, trembling heavily

Lord_Redstone> Let's try again. If you yield, kneel and prostrate at my feet. Then say: "I submit to you, my Lord." Do you submit?

annya` had never experienced such pains and didnt want to move one bit " I..submit to you my lord.." she whispered between sobbing breaths

Lord_Redstone> Good. You're halfway there. Do as I say and kneel properly.

annya` rolled over with a grimmace and got onto her knees slowly

Lord_Redstone remained still, the crop in hand.

annya` breathed heavily remaining kneeled lifting her head slowly, eyes red and watery

Lord_Redstone> Good girl.

Lord_Redstone reached down and gently grazed your unbruised cheek.

annya` flinched with the light touch

Lord_Redstone> It wasn't that difficult, was it?

annya` bit against her lip to refrain from commenting and shook her head

Lord_Redstone> Now you will have to learn how a good slave is expected to behave in my home. But we will see about that. For the time being, I shall put a collar on you. Follow me.

annya` frowned at the mention of collars and stood up rubbing at her arm that recieved some strikes

Lord_Redstone leads you to the ground level, toward a smaller room on the side. It looks like a jailor's workshop but, of course, you wouldn't know that.

annya` just listened to any sounds, counting steps and such, her body still trembling lightly from the stings on her face and body and cool air of being nude

Lord_Redstone says: "This way, this way" (LR Narrator) as he positions himself between a wall where chains, shackles and ropes are dangling, and a sturdy work bench. In a crate are some open iron collars with the engraved {slave} inscriptions are waiting. In a keg are some pins to close them and, in his hand, the crop is replaced with a hammer.

annya`> what are you going to do to me..

Lord_Redstone> Didn't you listen? I am going to put a collar on you. Stand here...

Lord_Redstone fairly kindly reaches out to pull you by your bruised arm to position you between himself and the table.

annya` shuffled over into position with the tug frowning still, clasping her hands infront of her

Lord_Redstone in what feels like an embrace from behind - you can feel his hard, towering frame grazing you as he moves his hands over your shoulders - places a heavy, cold collar about your pale neck. He catches a glimpse of your quickly pulsating jugular vein before, again with a certain firm gentleness, forcing you to bow. He commands:

Lord_Redstone> Put your forehead against your crossed arms on the table.

annya` blinked not likng the feeling about her neck really, and definately didnt like the sounds of bending forward not that she could say anything about it otherwise and folded forward resting her head on her arms

Lord_Redstone does something to the meeting ends of your collar that feels like light drilling to the nape of your neck, then he says:

Lord_Redstone> Stay still now. If you move you will get harmed against my will with a blow of my hammer. This won't be pleasant but it won't last long.

annya`> w..why what are you doing?!

Lord_Redstone> Locking this collar in a way that doesn't require a key. The only way to take this off is either painful or lethal.

annya` started to squirm she really didnt want to hear that

Lord_Redstone> Don't move!

Lord_Redstone without further warning raises his hammer over your head and starts driving the pin into a small hole in the collar's meeting ends. The process itself is risky but also painful as the iron resonates across your whole body, its vibration invades your whole head and mind.

annya` squeeked with each clinking vibration making her hands curl into fists

Lord_Redstone finally after what felt like an eternity inserts a finger in your collar and pulls you back upright, making you face him.

Lord_Redstone> You are now annya{slave}

annya` huffed as she was pulled back by the collar, face scrunching with his words

Lord_Redstone> I do expect more gratefulness from you, my slave.

annya` is now known as annya{slave}


Lord_Redstone> How does a slave acknowledge her master?

annya{slave} blinks. " lord?"

Lord_Redstone> Good. Now how does a slave show her submission?

annya{slave} drew a long breath in thru her nose and kneeled down slowly

Lord_Redstone> Good. You learn well. I reckon you have earned your reward.

Lord_Redstone snaps his fingers. Old Alfred hobbles forth, holding a neatly folded white linen tunic. He approaches and hands it over to you. Lord_Redstone says:

Lord_Redstone> You can dress. Alfred will also give you some sandals and a warm meal awaits you upstairs, in the hall.

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06[20:21] * ~Lord_Redstone 's rustic lair isn't as quiet as when you first came in: apart from Alfred's recognizeable shuffling, there's lisbet of course, and the guards Haekkfurth and Benny, with the occasional visit of Lazurus de mercenary; but a new slave now shares the dorm with you, her name is meletta.

06[20:23] * annya`{slave} would just sit quietly for the most part on the bed of furs, fingers toiling with the collar in idle thought

06[20:26] * ~Lord_Redstone of course won't have any of this.

01[20:27] <~Lord_Redstone> Up. Get up, 6 his voice suddenly rumbles out of nowhere, as you haven't heard him coming.

06[20:35] * annya`{slave} blinked and stumbled up to her feet with a frown, sneaky guy he was apparently

06[20:40] * ~Lord_Redstone was such indeed: as a trained assassin, stealth had been one of the very skills he had to learn as a boy, and now it had become natural to him.

01[20:40] <~Lord_Redstone> I will not see any slaves sitting around daydreaming. Follow me.

06[20:41] * ~Lord_Redstone turned around, this time intentionally making his moves more perceptible for her.

06[20:42] * annya`{slave} lowered her head and followed along behind him " i wasnt daydreaming lord."

01[20:46] <~Lord_Redstone> "I suppose you weren't. My steward probably didn't want to give you any work to do out of pity. The old crow." 6 He said as they headed downstairs and out to the courtyard. Soon, you heard the cute chirping of chicks and chatter of hens. "You are a farm girl, are you not? Let me see how well you deal with the chicken coop."

06[20:47] * annya`{slave} shook her head a bit " I only milked cows lord.. chasing something else"

06[20:51] * ~Lord_Redstone then stops as a golden chick popped cutely on and off his boot. "Hm. Very well then, you will see to that when the time comes from now on, instead of Alfred."

annya`{slave} let out a long slow breath wrapping her arms about her body " as you say.."

Lord_Redstone nodded and departed, leaving you there. Meanwhile, one of the slaves snuck toward you once she had made sure that he was no longer about.

annya`{slave} frowned as she was just left standing there, was she just supposed to hang in one spot until called for? her head tilted in thought

Lord_Redstone The girl whispered: "Alfred told me you were blind. Is it true?"

annya`{slave} spun around with the whisper " w..what ..yes who are you?"

Lord_Redstone She replied: "Just a slave like you. I just wanted to say that perhaps you should be thankful for your blindness, for you can't see the horrors the rest of us can..."

annya`{slave} frowned at that " horrors? what horrors?"

Lord_Redstone She asks: "Do you really want to know?"

06[21:12] * annya`{slave} not particularly but her nodded yes reguardless

Lord_Redstone she looked left and right before whispering urgently: "He's impaled three men on pikes and has left them to die. They're down the hill, by the road, as warnings... that's why we don't smell anything here."

annya`{slave} well that was more then enough information " I...I want out of here.." she started walking, not that she knew where she just wanted to escape this all

Lord_Redstone She went after you and stopped you by grabbing your arm. "I knew! I knew I shouldn't have told you. I'm frightened too! But please, please don't try to escape. He's done terrible things to slaves..."

annya`{slave} went to tug her arm away, " I cant stay here!" she sobbed lightly and ran until she banged into some wall, feeling a hand over it " Ive got to get out!"

Lord_Redstone She ran after you and helped you up. "You mustn't! He'll... he'll break your legs or something."

annya`{slave} rubbed her head with a mumble " let him..then he wont bed me.."

Lord_Redstone "I wouldn't bet on it! Men are pigs and that one is a wolf!"

annya`{slave} shook her head " i wont ...I'll rip it off.. he wont get near me.."

Lord_Redstone The girl didn't have time to ask her what was the "it" she was referring to, although she had a pretty good idea... Alfred's hobbling was getting closer and he seemed to note how visibly upset you were. "What seems to be the problem, lassies?"

Lord_Redstone Alfred, getting no reply from either girls, kindly herds them back inside.

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